Wednesday, February 19, 2014

School Segregation Video on Nick News

This is definitely the first time we have posted anything from Nickelodeon, but judging from the sheer awesomeness of this "Nick News"video about Brown v. Board of Ed and Segregated Schools, it may not be the last. May every SpongeBob-watching child everywhere see this video.


  1. Know it's three years later, but.....any follow up?

  2. How about add this one to your in cincy,ohio.if go downtown, will see the "future of cincy" ,in form of new shiny restaurants,condos,middle to upper class art galleries, know the rest.all at expense of life-long small mom&pop businesses.let alone city of cincy' s approach to acquiring 25-35 additional liquor licenses

  3. Cause it's all about booze,dancing, and a downtown that RARELY have events that KEEP people walking downtown .just going downtown.Yep.we have sports games,opera's and such but then leave.nothing to just "keep" people walking downtown.ALWAYS ABOUT SAFETY-YOU KNOW CAUSE THRRE BLACK AND POOR